Vianney Tinoco – Night Supervisor
Team Member

Vianney Tinoco believes the best leadership is constructive and encouraging, because, she says, the goal should always be to help people grow. “You have to take time to listen. Sometimes stopping for a five-minute conversation makes a huge difference in a difficult situation.”

Vianney has always worked in the building maintenance and janitorial services industry. She joined United Building Maintenance in 2016 and, having demonstrated her work ethic and leadership, was promoted to supervisor in June of 2017. “Being a part of this team opened up something new in me. I learned to love interacting with people, getting to know their unique perspectives.”

As Night Supervisor, Vianney’s role includes ensuring all employees are working safely, and that they have everything they need to deliver exemplary service. “I have about 50 employees depending on me to make sure they are able to do what’s expected of them. It means a lot when my team members come to me with their questions and concerns, because they know I’ve been where they are. They realize their safety and their ability to do their jobs well are my top priorities.”

Away from work, Vianney loves traveling, especially with her kids. “I love spontaneous getaways. Just get the kids in the car, and go see what’s out there. Being able to share those experiences means a lot, because it gives us time together. No matter what we see or do, I want them to know I will always be in their corner.”