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Executive Staff

I started in this industry in 1978 back in Michigan cleaning carpets, then went into a school district and worked my way up through the ranks to over see the cleaning and maintenance of an elementary school. Moved out to Northern California in 1985 where I accepted a position with a national commercial cleaning company and supervised the night operations. Then accepted a position with a window cleaning company in 1990 as their vice president of marketing. In 1991 I started a window cleaning company along with a business partner and grew that company then sold it in 1992. From there, I accepted a position with one of the largest national cleaning companies. I worked my way up to their regional manager. In 2002 I decided to venture out again-but on my own this time. My new company, United Building Maintenance, turned into a multi million-dollar company after it’s 2nd year of business. First, I believe the success of the company is putting the employees first. If you have happy employees, it shows in their work and ultimately your clients are pleased as well. Second, would be placing our time in retention of our clients, not new sales. Our growth has been through word of mouth from one client to another. My role in the company is to serve each employee with what ever their need may be and to always be accessible, I am a hands on business owner but I do not micro manage! This company would not be where it is today with out the employees from the front line right up to upper management. I will always remember how we got here and I will always take care of them along the way. I want to thank our clients for their loyalty and making us part of their team.
What does it mean to me to be part of United Building Maintenance? Val and I have known each other for over thirty years and have always had a mutual respect for each other. I believe our core values align with each other’s. So when this opportunity presented itself I knew amazing things will come from this partnership.We both value our clients and our employees. I am all about building people up and creating opportunities for them to grow, learn and advance within our company.I believe that Trust, Respect, and Integrity are key core values. Everyone working for us brings value and should be recognized for their contributions. I was pleased to learn that Val has always shared her profits through her profit sharing plan with her employees; this really sealed the deal for me.I look forward to this new opportunity and the pursuit to make this already amazing company and employees the Market Leaders in this industry. By doing this it will create endless opportunities for our employees and world class service for our clients.I’ve been married for 35 years. My wife and I have two daughters and we recently became grandparents; we were blessed with twin boys who just turned 6 months old. My hobbies are traveling, fishing, barbecuing on the weekends and recently spending as much time with our grandsons as possible.
If you are looking for someone who loves precise details, Alan Clark is your man. A numbers guy as far back as he can remember, Alan honed his appreciation for order and precision as a member of the U.S. Army Reserve. “My time serving in the Army Reserve reinforced the importance of discipline, taking time to manage the process, and getting every detail exactly right. If you are even a little sloppy with the small numbers, you can end up with a major mess down the road.”Alan studied animal science in college, with a business concentration. Later, he worked for startups and major international retailers, across several different industries. Alan finished his Masters in Accounting in January of 2017. Four months later, he met Val Sherman. As CFO, he manages all of United’s financial matters, from invoicing to cash flow to risk management. “As a growing company, it’s a balancing act. We have to measure each new opportunity against the bigger picture, because we are committed to providing the best possible service for all our clients.”Alan says one of the chief attractions for him was the culture of the company. “Val really cares about the company, and, by that, I mean the people on this team and about our clients. This creates a culture where honesty is expected and growth is celebrated. The people here actively support each other, and work together to help each other grow. That kind of culture is fairly rare, and we all benefit from it, especially, our customers.”At home, Alan and his wife, Jennifer, are “official empty nesters,” with four adult children busy building their own lives. “They are becoming good, productive people, and it’s so great to see. Jennifer and I stay busy too. When we’re not working or with our church family, we like to get outdoors. I grew up hunting, fishing, and hiking; so, for me, any day I can be out in a canoe with a fishing line in the water is a good day. I also do my best to maintain a good sense of humor. Yes, I know, I’m an accountant, but I also realize, if you can’t see the humor in life, you’re taking yourself way too seriously.”
Rito Gutierrez was hired at United in 2007 as a night supervisor and due to such an array of experience was promoted to an account manager within a short time. He started out as a janitor back in 1990 and then went into carpets, floors and some maintenance work. His knowledge of all aspects of the industry has proved to be a perfect fit for his position as the president of United. United receives many compliments from client’s that, “Rito always has a great attitude and he is very fast to respond to their needs”.Rito has 3 children with his wife of 19 years. He values the time spent with them camping and fishing. Rito enjoys doing anything outdoors
United leadership is always excited to be able to promote from within and it’s been awesome watching Evelyn Rosales grow within our company. Evelyn started off working nights as a janitor, then moved to days as Day Porter. With her work ethic, can-do attitude, technical skills and pleasant demeanor, Evelyn has worked her way up to the position of Vice President, where she plays a key role in insuring our clients are happy.
After graduating from UC Davis in 1998, I started out in the commercial cleaning industry by owning my own constructions cleaning company. I made a transition from that field to beginning my 20-year journey into the world of hard surface restoration. I bought into a national franchise specializing in honing, polishing, cleaning, and the sealing of hard surfaces such as cement, terrazzo, marble, granite, and grout. After 5 years of being a partner in the franchise, I sold my interest and moved on to become a Project Director for the Sacramento International Airport Janitorial Services with the priority being the restoration of the terrazzo flooring. I then eventually made my way to a national company where I assisted in opening up the Specialty Services Division in Northern California with the focus on hard surface restoration, pressure washing, window cleaning, and carpet cleaning. As their District Manager I secured major restoration projects at a number of professional sports arenas. Recently, I have accepted the opportunity to join the United Building Maintenance, Inc. team. The reason I made the move over is because the ownership and management team share the same core business values that I do-which is always take care of the customers and employees first and foremost, and do business with absolute honesty and integrity. In my spare time I love the outdoors and spend as much time hiking, fishing, or 4-wheeling with my four sons as much as possible.
To be part of United Building Maintenance is to be part of a family, and that’s exactly how I’ve felt since the day I first walked through the doors. That sense of belonging has only grown stronger since returning to the Sacramento area where my HR career began. I’ve known Brian for many years, and no matter where our careers took us, I always had a feeling I’d come back to Sacramento to work with him again. Joining United feels like the perfect culmination of that journey. I bring nearly a decade of progressive experience in Human Resources to my role as Vice President of Human Resources at United. My career is grounded in fostering organizational change and driving strategic workforce planning, with a passion for creating workplace environments that foster innovation and growth. At United, I am committed to leading impactful change initiatives that empower our employees and enhance organizational effectiveness. I thrive in environments where I can leverage my expertise in communication, workforce planning, and collaboration with management to propel our company forward. I am dedicated to contributing to a company that values innovation and embraces positive change. Working alongside a team of dedicated and passionate professionals, I am eager to achieve both strategic HR objectives and overall company goals at United Building Maintenance. Outside of work I love spending time with my family who share a passion for baseball and camping. My two boy’s play baseball takes to the diamond for softball games, time spent out on the diamond with them is time well spent in my book.
I chose to work for United because as a medium-size company, I felt I could have a higher impact on HR operations and be able to truly make a difference in the employee life cycle. So far, working at United has been a rewarding experience that has allowed me to grow as a professional and on a personal level.I have over 5 years of HR experience in small to mid-size companies and large corporations in industries including hospitality, construction and retail. In 2020, I earned my HR Certification from the Society of Human Resource Management. My area of expertise is leave administration, policy and procedure development and employment best practices. I’m originally from Long Beach, CA and moved to Sacramento after college in 2018. My hobbies include traveling, karaoke, family game night and visiting Disneyland as much as I can.
When you meet DeAna Melgar, you know immediately you are speaking with someone who truly cares. Kindness, as well as a sincere desire to meet your needs, defines everything she does.A licensed cosmetologist, DeAna is definitely a people person, skills that allowed her to make a significant career change, when she joined United Building Maintenance in May of 2018. “It was different, sure, but I love it. Interacting with people, helping them however I can, is very important to me. Every day, I have the opportunity let both our clients and my coworkers know how much the company appreciates them.“Many times, I’m the first point of contact, so I have a great deal of one-on-one interaction with clients and with employees, answering questions, connecting them with the right people. A client may want to know who their account manager is, or they may want to order supplies. An employee may need to correct their time card or have a question about paperwork. When they come to me, I will have the answer or find the answer.”When she’s not hard at work finding answers, DeAna still enjoys using her cosmetology skills to help people feel beautiful, and she loves to travel and spend time with her dog, Rocky.“California has so many wonderful places to visit. The list is endless. Internationally, so far, my favorite trip was Iceland. So much to see: the glaciers, the waterfalls, the black sand beaches… What an amazing place!”
Karen joined the United Building Maintenance team in 2021 as a Support Administrator. Karen has many years of administration experience and she works closely with all departments at United to help with business needs in the fast-paced United work environment. One of Karen’s strengths is using constructive input and feedback to provide and develop continuous quality and support for her team. Karen’s first job was working for a very busy downtown Sacramento hotel. That job helped her develop administrative skills and also a passion for meeting new people and supporting all of the unique departments within that workplace. Karen’s acquired skills led her to explore her interest in other industries like tax accounting and building maintenance.Karen enjoys watching her daughter follow in her footsteps as a cheerleader (Karen was a “Flyer” in high school) as well as watching her son play soccer. Karen’s hobbies include camping with her family and snowboarding.
If you’re looking for someone who is proactive and passionate about delivering exceptional customer service, every day, that’s Stephanie Kearns. If a client wants to add services, needs emergency services, has a special request, or has a special event coming up, Stephanie is here to help.Stephanie grew up in Monterey County, California, and she moved to Sacramento in 2008. In 2018, looking for a career change that would allow her to grow in knowledge and experience,(while taking advantage of her customer service background) Stephanie joined United Building Maintenance. “I was looking for a challenge, and this opportunity caught my eye. Joining the United team has been the best career decision of my life.”Stephanie’s responsibilities at United include connecting with clients, making sure they are completely satisfied and that they have everything they need. “I enjoy getting out of the office, touring the properties, and, especially, meeting with clients, because every conversation is another opportunity to make sure they’re happy with their service.”Stephanie is the proud mom of two boys. “They are truly my joy! We love spending time camping and going to theme parks. Sometimes, though, it’s fun to just stay home and cook. I enjoy trying new recipes, and, most of the time, my boys enjoy them too…though, honestly, they’d probably prefer pizza.”
Cecilia Villafuerte is part of our management team, Cecilia started out as a day porter with our company and was selected to our management team because of her attention to detail and responsible demeanor. She presents a “can do” attitude and is always willing to lend a helping hand to complete the task.Cecilia is a mother of two kids and has been married for twenty-eight years. She has a passion for traveling and has been to multiple cities in Mexico. Cecilia would like to become an integral part of this fast-growing company; she is proud of how her team can come together and solve any problem that comes their way.
Karen joined the United Building Maintenance team as an account manager. She brings with her 30 years of combined commercial property management experience and janitorial customer service operations management in the Sacramento region. Karen began her career in commercial property management by managing commercial Class A buildings, retail centers, and industrial parks before transitioning into the janitorial industry. Her knowledge of the industry, leadership skills, and customer service have proven to be an asset and the foundation of her portfolio of long-standing client relationships.Karen’s philosophy for account management is “teamwork, communication, and customer service. These are the true key factors in building an amazing team and path to success”.In her spare time, you will find Karen camping with her husband and traveling to see her two kids and extended family.
Sonia brings over a decade of experience in the janitorial industry to our team. Sonia has worked her way up the ladder, starting off as a night supervisor then promoting into higher roles, and is now an account manager.Sonia sees a bright future with United and says “As an account manager, I have hopes of growing with the company, and with that, eventually get into a higher position with United.”Sonia’s hobbies include gardening and cooking. A fun fact about Sonia is that she enjoys traveling with her family whenever they are free and collecting elephant antiques.
Erika Higareda says one of the most important secrets to her success is her commitment to being positive. “I try to be happy in all circumstances. To show people a positive attitude and encourage them.” Erika says bringing that positive attitude to work with her every day is easy, because cleaning is her passion. “Even away from work, with my family and friends, someone is always asking me, ‘How do I clean this?’ or ‘How can I organize this to be more efficient?’ It’s just who I am.” Erika moved to Sacramento at the age of 15, and began her career in the janitorial and building maintenance industry in 2013, excited to turn her passion for cleaning into her vocation. She joined United Building Maintenance as a night shift supervisor and has been promoted to Night Operations Manager. “If there’s something I love more than cleaning, it’s working with people. Now, every day, I get to work with great people, building friendships and teaching them the best way to properly, efficiently and effectively care for our client properties.” Away from work, Erika loves spending time with her husband, Javier, and their two children. “I love to cook, especially Mexican food, but we like to try new things as well. I’m always looking for new recipes on YouTube. We also enjoy watching movies, going to the park or out for ice cream… honestly, we’re just happy being together, and that means everything to me.”
Vianney Tinoco believes the best leadership is constructive and encouraging, because, she says, the goal should always be to help people grow. “You have to take time to listen. Sometimes stopping for a five-minute conversation makes a huge difference in a difficult situation.”Vianney has always worked in the building maintenance and janitorial services industry. She joined United Building Maintenance in 2016 and, having demonstrated her work ethic and leadership, was promoted to supervisor in June of 2017. “Being a part of this team opened up something new in me. I learned to love interacting with people, getting to know their unique perspectives.”As Night Supervisor, Vianney’s role includes ensuring all employees are working safely, and that they have everything they need to deliver exemplary service. “I have about 50 employees depending on me to make sure they are able to do what’s expected of them. It means a lot when my team members come to me with their questions and concerns, because they know I’ve been where they are. They realize their safety and their ability to do their jobs well are my top priorities.”Away from work, Vianney loves traveling, especially with her kids. “I love spontaneous getaways. Just get the kids in the car, and go see what’s out there. Being able to share those experiences means a lot, because it gives us time together. No matter what we see or do, I want them to know I will always be in their corner.”
Ernesto has worked in many fields from accounting to human resources to the food industry. Ernesto holds a degree in public accounting and has over 12 years of experience in the janitorial industry. Ernesto is always seeking to grow and learn new skills. With his team management skills, Ernesto hopes to advance his career even further here at United. In his personal life, Ernesto aspires to be a better person for himself and his family. His hobbies include playing soccer, singing, watching movies, walking in nature, and spending time with his family. One fun fact about Ernesto is he can imitate sounds and voices!

The Keys To Our Success

  • Valerie Sherman – CEO
  • Brian Baltzley – COO
  • Janice Twogood – Vice President of Accounting
  • Alan Clark – CFO
  • Rito Gutierrez – President
  • Evelyn Rosales – Vice President
  • Michael Lillard – Director of Specialty Services
  • Luis Camacho – Vice President of Human Resources
  • Yvette Acosta – Human Resources Director
  • DeAna Melgar – Employee Human Resources Specialist
  • Karen Moreno – Human Resources Support Administrator
  • Stephanie Kearns – Senior Account Manager
  • Cecilia Villafuerte – Account Manager
  • Karen Beeler – Account Manager
  • Sonia Corado – Account Manager
  • Erika Higareda – Account manager 
  • Vianney Alarcon – Night Operation Manager 
  • Caroline Fernandez – Night Supervisor
  • Trinidad Cruz –  Night Supervisor
  • Ernesto Ayala – Night Supervisor
  • Erika Deleon- Night Supervisor 
  • David Kim – Fleet Manager
  • Wendy Melgar – Administrator

United Building Maintenance

An outstanding management team with over 125 years of combined experience. Nearing 300 Front line workers that take pride and ownership in your building. Quality control, safety program, emergency service and follow-up. Vendor teaming that brings added value with the latest technology. Open communication to provide the utmost integrity with your management team.