Stephanie Kearns – Account Manager
Team Member

If you’re looking for someone who is proactive and passionate about delivering exceptional customer service, every day, that’s Stephanie Kearns. If a client wants to add services, needs emergency services, has a special request, or has a special event coming up, Stephanie is here to help.

Stephanie grew up in Monterey County, California, and she moved to Sacramento in 2008. In 2018, looking for a career change that would allow her to grow in knowledge and experience,(while taking advantage of her customer service background) Stephanie joined United Building Maintenance. “I was looking for a challenge, and this opportunity caught my eye. Joining the United team has been the best career decision of my life.”

Stephanie’s responsibilities at United include connecting with clients, making sure they are completely satisfied and that they have everything they need. “I enjoy getting out of the office, touring the properties, and, especially, meeting with clients, because every conversation is another opportunity to make sure they’re happy with their service.”

Stephanie is the proud mom of two boys. “They are truly my joy! We love spending time camping and going to theme parks. Sometimes, though, it’s fun to just stay home and cook. I enjoy trying new recipes, and, most of the time, my boys enjoy them too...though, honestly, they’d probably prefer pizza.”