Rito Gutierrez – President
Team Member

Rito Gutierrez is the kind of leader everyone needs on their team: someone who will follow through, who won’t quit until they find a solution, and someone who inspires that attitude in everyone who works with him. “I love that I’m in a position to help people on my team find their own solutions, because that’s a better way to learn. Sometimes, you just need someone to come beside you, encourage you, so you see things in a different way.”

Rito began his career in the custodial and building maintenance industry back in 1990. He joined United Building Maintenance as a Night Supervisor in 2007, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. “I had worked with Val for a few years at another company; and, when she started United, I was invited to join the team. Her confidence in me inspired me to keep learning and keep working my way up. When I started in this industry, I never pictured myself as president of a company, but here I am, and I could not be happier. This team is so good. The trust we have in each other, the way everyone knows we will take care of each other. This is a great place to be.”

Rito’s day-to-day responsibilities include product and service pricing, helping employees solve problems, and finding the best solutions for clients. But, he says, his most important job is setting the tone and supporting the culture within the company. “We treat our fellow employees like family. And, when a client has a question or a concern, we take responsibility for answering that question or addressing that concern. If one of us makes a mistake, it’s my mistake, and my responsibility to help that employee learn.”

Away from work, Rito enjoys spending time with his wife, Adriana, and their three adult children or working around the house. “My wife is always telling me I need to relax, but that’s not me. I’m not really into TV or movies. I like to stay busy. There’s always something I could fix or build...I’m always looking for a way to help.”