Erika Higareda – Operation Manager
Team Member

Erika Higareda says one of the most important secrets to her success is her commitment to being positive. “I try to be happy in all circumstances. To show people a positive attitude and encourage them.”

Erika says bringing that positive attitude to work with her every day is easy, because cleaning is her passion. “Even away from work, with my family and friends, someone is always asking me, ‘How do I clean this?’ or ‘How can I organize this to be more efficient?’ It’s just who I am.”

Erika moved to Sacramento at the age of 15, and began her career in the janitorial and building maintenance industry in 2013, excited to turn her passion for cleaning into her vocation. She joined United Building Maintenance as a Night Shift Supervisor in 2017. “If there’s something I love more than cleaning, it’s working with people. Now, every day, I get to work with great people, building friendships and teaching them the best way to properly, efficiently and effectively care for our client properties.”

Away from work, Erika loves spending time with her husband, Javier, and their two children. “I love to cook, especially Mexican food, but we like to try new things as well. I’m always looking for new recipes on YouTube. We also enjoy watching movies, going to the park or out for ice cream… honestly, we’re just happy being together, and that means everything to me.”