Maria Villarruel – Assistant Account Manager
Team Member

Maria Villarruel says she values honesty above all else because, “you cannot build any level of comfort in any relationship without trust. A big part of what I do is getting people, both customers and employees, the right answers to their questions. For any business to run well, you need honest, accurate communication, and I take my role in that very seriously.”

Maria grew up in Orland, California. When her husband got a job in Sacramento, they made the move. Maria joined United Building Maintenance in September of 2018 and quickly established a reputation for integrity and strong work ethic. She started as a Day Porter, but her reliability and responsibility quickly led to a promotion.

As an Assistant Account Manager, Maria’s responsibilities at United include following up on customer concerns, conducting property inspections, and finding quick, correct answers to client and employee questions. “I mainly work with other employees, and my main goal is help them continue to do their job well but also easier. What I like most is building that team bond, helping each employee feel more encouraged and more confident.”

When she’s not at work, Maria enjoys spending time with her husband, Ricardo, and their three sons, watching movies or going to the park where the boys are in a soccer league. She also enjoys baking; and if you are especially nice, she may even volunteer to whip up some of her delicious cake pops.