Jim Melgar – Human Resources
Team Member

A proud veteran of the United States Navy, Jim Melgar says he cherished his time of service, as well as the people he met, and the experiences he enjoyed. Since 2015, Jim has invested the leadership skills he learned in the Navy and his passion to serve people into making sure United Building Maintenance employees are happy in their work and fully understand their employee benefits.

“Most of my work in the Navy was related to HR. I was the lead Petty Officer for a team serving more than three thousand sailors. These skills translated well into my role here at United, and I’m very excited to be part of this team.”

Jim’s work at United includes answering employee questions about pay, benefits, and workman’s compensation, as well as maintaining records, and contributing to employee morale and peace of mind. “I take a lot of pride in being able to make another person feel genuinely cared for. I want each member of our team to know I see them as a valuable individual. Not just a number.”

In his off time, Jim’s an avid gamer, and you may also find him photographing landscapes or jamming to the latest addition to his record collection. “I’d describe my taste in music as eclectic and vast. I’ll listen to just about anything. As a landscape photographer, I feel spoiled living in California. We’re surrounded by incredible natural wonder and stunning urban landscapes too.”